The 2 most typical good reasons to get a hosting server of your own are if a shared hosting account can't cope with the load of the websites hosted in it or if the Internet sites require particular software to be running on the hosting server, but it can't be installed on a shared hosting server. In these situations you can get your own server, but this also means that you will be in control of its maintenance, which isn't the situation with a shared web hosting server where the hosting company performs everything. In this light, we've created a Managed Services upgrade, which could be added to any of our server plans if you do not have the time or the knowledge to take care of your machine. Our system admins shall set up and troubleshoot software, update your Operating System plus much more in order to supply you with the chance to concentrate on developing your websites instead of managing different maintenance tasks.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Hosting

The Managed Services upgrade can be added to any one of the Linux dedicated servers hosting packages we offer and it takes just a simply click to do that during the web server signup or within your billing Control Panel at any point in time. You could also choose if you will get the upgrade one time or if you'll use it continuously as it includes a lot of valuable services. We will keep a backup of fifty GB of content on an independent server, so in the event that anything breaks down, we could restore the data. We will also ensure that the hosting server will perform at its best since we'll monitor it, restart it if needed, and we'll install all the latest performance and security updates for the OS that you have chosen. Also, our system admins can do 30 minutes custom work on your server, which is enough for almost all tasks. This includes installing or troubleshooting apps from third-party suppliers, custom software settings, etc. In this way, you could use a dedicated web server even if you don't have previous working experience with this kind of website hosting.