The fastest website loading speeds for your visitors in the USA, Canada and Latin America

In case your resource–demanding multi–media sites are going to be designed mostly for visitors coming from US, Canada and even Latin America, then our USA data center provides an ideal virtual hosting solution to match your needs. The Colohouse data center can be found in downtown Chicago and serves some of the biggest telecom companies in North America. It provides complete redundancy in network connectivity and power thereby it’s perfect for hosting your demanding websites and applications.

Making use of the USA Linux VPS Packages option is easy. Simply opt for the configuration you prefer, picking from an array of VPS solutions on our site afterwards opt for the USA data center on the sign up form. Our admins will set–up the server for you at the USA data center free and will be on location 24x7 to ensure a 99.9% network uptime. At the same time, they’re going to carry out weekly off–site backups of your VPS to make certain your info is kept safe and sound all the time.

Other US Hosting Services

The US data center delivers a superb base, that allows us to present various kinds of hosting solutions besides Virtual Private Servers.

With the data center you can find USA Hosting plans, which can be exceptional if you would like host a basic blog or portfolio website, or even a reasonably popular e–store. The Linux hosting packages packages come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a totally free domain registration and unmetered disk space & traffic allocations. USA Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages are offered. They are the most suitable choice if you’d like more power than the usual Linux hosting packages pack can offer, still dedicated servers are way too difficult to take care of and require a lot upkeep from you. The semi–dedicated servers feature plenty of CPU and MySQL database storage space quotas, which make them just the thing for popular websites with a huge number of monthly visitors. For those of you who require something considerably more powerful, we provide USA Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting Packages. Employing a dedicated server, it is also possible to host any web site or web app that you want, in spite of how CPU–intensive or demanding it is actually.

  • Semi-dedicated Hosting

  • Unlimited Hosted Domain(s)
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic